Generate a side income using WordPress

For a minimal investment you can start your own side business.

If you want to get started using WordPress for your side gig, you’re in the right place.

Hello, I’m Philip and I’d like to help you get started using WordPress to build your own side hustle or side gig.

I base the WP SideGig system on two important principles…

  1. Build simple turnkey websites.
  2. Insist on receiving the content first.
Writing the content for a smaller service business website.

Writing the main pages

Read these guides to discover what content you need for your home, about, services and contact pages.

Photos you need for a service business website.

The photos you need.

Every image must serve a purpose. Unnecessary images are like words that waffle, leave them out.

SEO for servie business websites.

SEO made simple

The competition is fierce, but this simple plan will help you get better results in Google.

Answer your customer’s questions.

If your customers are searching Google for information about services like yours, you must provide answers on your website.

Your portfolio and case studies.

Customers want to know about jobs like theirs that you’ve done for other people.

Fill in the blanks to write your content.

Read the instructions, view the examples, then fill in the blank documents. I’ve made it as easy as I can for you to write your website content.

Things You’ll Need to Know

Choosing a theme

I recommend you choose one good adaptable theme and stick with it. When you build websites you need to know your WordPress theme intimately. I recommend GeneratePress, but whichever theme you choose, get to know it well.

Choosing hosting

Choosing the right web host is vitally important, your business depends on you making the right choice. So take your time and choose well. The prices are volatile so read the small print before you sign up.

Choosing plugins

Only use plugins that you really need, and make sure you keep them up to date. You’ll install some plugins on almost every site you build, so it’s worth learning them well.

Writing Content

Even if you don’t write the content yourself, you need to know what content is needed and how to write in a way that’s easy to read. Don’t worry, there are some great tools to help you.