Photos you need for a service business website

“The important point is that every image must serve a purpose.” Unnecessary images are like words that waffle, leave them out. Use photos that show what it’s like to be your customer. By showing photos of your customer facing staff and the end products you’ve delivered for other customers, you give potential new customers a … Read more

Writing Your Homepage

Homepage Intro Section Who are you and what do you do? Start your homepage with your elevator pitch. If you only had thirty seconds to explain what you do, what would you say? Who are you? What do you do? Who needs your service? Be clear and specific, do not try to be cryptic or … Read more

Writing Your About Us Page

Your about page is not about you, it focuses on the people you help and the problems you solve. Why should customers choose you? Use this short section to explain why you are the best placed business to solve your customer’s problem. Here you could give a few details about yourself. But the primary emphasis … Read more

Writing Your Services Page

What do you do and for who? The big questions are… Do you do the job I need doing? Do you help people like me? Can I trust you? Can I afford you? Be clear and direct Your site visitor has a job to be done and they want to know if you can do … Read more

Writing Your Contact Us Page

Your contact page needs more than the bare details, but it doesn’t need a lot of information. First, introduce yourself by showing your head and shoulders photo and one or two paragraphs of text. On previous pages you told the reader who you are, what you do, and who you help. But restate that information … Read more

Writing Your Testimonials Page

Place your best testimonials in the web pages they apply to and at a point where they will allay a specific fear. For instance, if you have a testimonial that says… In six months, I’ve made back twice Ben’s fee in extra sales. I was wary of employing a copywriter, but Ben knew my niche … Read more

Writing Your FAQ Page

FAQ or frequently asked questions pages are not always necessary. Put information where your customer expects to find it. For example, information about your services should be on your services page. Only add an FAQ page to your site if you know your customers want some information and there is no obvious page to display … Read more

FAQs (Part Two) Answering Customer’s Questions.

By providing useful, unbiased information, you’re seen as the trusted expert in your field. Before customers buy your service they search Google looking for answers to their questions. You use your website to answer those questions. This gives Google a reason to send searchers to your website. Customers trust and want to work with a … Read more

Writing Portfolio Posts

When I build a service business website for a client, I add a set of ready made portfolio posts. I save these posts as draft posts, so they don’t display on your website until you add your own text and then publish the post. You might also want to add an image gallery to each … Read more