FAQs (Part Two) Answering Customer’s Questions.

By providing useful, unbiased information, you’re seen as the trusted expert in your field.

Before customers buy your service they search Google looking for answers to their questions. You use your website to answer those questions. This gives Google a reason to send searchers to your website.

Customers trust and want to work with a business that provides honest, unbiased answers, so by answering questions about your service, you become a trusted advisor.

They Ask You Answer.

There are several reasons to use the, they ask you answer, system.

  • Customers have more chance of finding you via Google.
  • You become a trusted advisor.
  • Leads are pre-qualified before contacting you.

The golden rules.

  • If your customers are asking questions, you must provide answers.
  • Your answers must be unbiased, not a blatant sales pitch.
  • Use assignment selling to pre-qualify customers.

Some businesses have only four pages on their website. Home, about, services, and contact. But if you want to out rank your competitors on Google, you’ll want to add more content to your website.

There are two types of content customers find especially useful.

  • Your portfolio and case studies showing jobs you’ve done in the past. And…
  • Answers to your customer’s presales questions.

Now you’ve got a plan.

Unlike other business owners who write long rambling blog posts with no proper plan and providing no real value to their customers. You’ve got a simple content writing plan that helps your customers and boosts your Google ranking and your sales.

These are the things you need to do.

  • Write case studies.
  • Display a portfolio of past work.
  • Answer presales questions on your website.

What type of questions do customers ask?

Marcus Sheridan, author of They Ask You Answer, has done years of research about what questions customers ask. He made a list of most common question types. Learn more at Marcus Sheridan’s Impact Plus.

Top five question types.

  • Price: how much does it cost?
  • Problems: are there any problems I need to know about?
  • Versus and comparisons: [product 1] compared to [product 2] which is best?
  • Reviews: is [product name] a good buy?
  • Best in class: which [product type] is the best?

Writing blog posts that answer these five questions in an unbiased way is an excellent investment of your time. Your customers search for these answers so you improve your Google rankings. And as the provider of honest, unbiased information, you gain the trust of your customers.

You’ve now got an organised plan for writing your website content. You show your portfolio, write case studies, and answer your customers’ presales questions. This beats the scatter gun, potluck approach to writing website content that most business owners have.

Using assignment selling to prequalify customers and avoid tyre kickers.

Assignment selling forces prospective customers to do their homework. You ask them to learn about your business and the service you provide before you offer a sales meeting. You say to the customer, before we talk in person, you must understand what our service is, who it helps and how the process works. This helps both of us decide if our srervice fits your needs.

By doing this homework, customers earn the right to be considered as a possible customer of yours.

Assignment selling saves time for you and the customer.

The reason behind assignment selling is that customers gain the knowledge to either prequalify themselves as a good fit for your service, or decide your service is not what they need after all.

Assignment selling is helpful, not brutal.

Here’s an example of assignment selling.

  • Customer: we’re interested in XYZ service. Can you come over and see us?
  • You: thanks for considering us. XYZ service is not for everyone. I’ve sent you a link to an article on our website that explains what the service is, who needs it, and how it works. Could you read that article and let me know if you think our service fits your needs?

Should you use assignment selling?

If you have more leads than you can handle, assignment selling will help you weed out tyre kickers without traveling miles and spending hours talking to them. However, if you’re desperate for work, you might want to talk to every possible lead. Especially if you’re willing to tailor your service to suit a wide range of customer types.

A quick recap of they ask you answer.

By using your website to answer customers pre-sales questions, you increase your chances of being found in Google, and you become seen as a trusted adviser. By using assignment selling, you weed out tyre kickers and help customers pre-qualify themselves for your service.

Writing Case Studies & Portfolio Pages