Photos you need for a service business website

“The important point is that every image must serve a purpose.”

Unnecessary images are like words that waffle, leave them out.

Use photos that show what it’s like to be your customer.

By showing photos of your customer facing staff and the end products you’ve delivered for other customers, you give potential new customers a virtual experience of what it will be like if they employ you to carry out their work.

Imagine asking a friend about a business they’ve used. And the friend says. “They’re professional, easy to work with, and did a good job. Look, here’s the kitchen they fitted.”

Your website images should provide this same information, so anyone with a smart phone can access it any time they want to.

Show your customer facing staff

These are the images I recommend you use…

  • Photos of you, the business owner and any customer facing staff, especially staff that the customer will deal with directly. If you show a group photo, you could also have a meet the team gallery where you introduce each staff member. This shows the customer who they’ll be dealing with if they give you the work.
  • Photos of your premises and vans, if relevant.
  • Photos that show the end result you deliver, such as fitted kitchens, remodeled houses, screen shots of websites you’ve designed.
  • Photos taken during a training or coaching session you ran.

Photos on your website should make it easier for the customer to understand…

  • Who you are.
  • What your service is.
  • Is it right for them.
  • And whether they can trust you to do a good job.

Unnecessary images are like waffling words.

Unnecessary images cloud your message, they’re the image equivalent of words that waffle.

So, just as you need to keep your text concise and avoid waffling, you need to keep your use of images tightly focused on the message you’re trying to get across.

Be brief but comprehensive and justify every image you include.

Show examples of your work

For instance, an interior designer could show their handiwork. This gives potential new customers an idea of what they could get if they employed this designer to redesign their home interior.

How many images do you need?

You don’t need a lot of images on your service business website. Use photos that help the customer get to know you and your staff, and help customers understand your services better. You don’t need to use eye candy, fluff, or filler images. Unnecessary images impede your message and make it harder for your customers to see what’s on offer.

Every image must show you and your staff as likeable professionals. Or show examples of the end result the customer gets when they do business with you. Before you add an image to your website ask, how exactly will this image help a potential customer make their buying decision. If you can’t give a good reason to add that image, find a more relevant image to use instead. 

Your profile picture.

Face the camera or turn your head very slightly to one side showing one ear but not the other. Your eyes look straight at the camera. Smile and look approachable. Give the impression you’re a good person to work with. Your profile photo might be the first impression a potential customer gets of you as a person. Take several photos of yourself and use the photo that will give a good first impression to a potential customer. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

What should you wear?

Wear your normal work clothes, the clothes you’ll be wearing when the customer meets you in person. If you have a team of engineers that wear uniforms, photograph them in their uniforms. If you wear casual clothes to work, wear casual clothes in your photos, and if you wear a business suit when you meet customers, wear your business suit in your photos. Show photos of yourself as you will look when customers meet you in person when you work together.

Large hero header photos.

Some websites have large photos at the very top of the page. These photos often fill the whole browser window and have the page title in large text on top of the image.

If you want to include these hero header images, ask yourself: will I be able to find a photo for every page I write that is important enough to take up this valuable space. Some themes allow you to use hero header images as and when you need them, with other themes you turn hero headers on or off site wide.

However you use hero header images, choose images that make your message clearer, more concise, or easier to understand.

A quick recap: images to use on a service business website.

Show images that…

  • Show you and your customer facing staff in the clothes you will be wearing when they meet you.
  • Look at the camera and look professional but approachable.
  • Show the results you’ve delivered for previous customers such as a fitted kitchen, remodeled home, or screen shot of a website you built.
  • For intangible services such as coaching or training show photos of a training session in progress.

Get permission first!

Always make sure you have permission to use every photo before uploading it to your website. If the image is identifiable, such as a house you’ve cleaned, make sure you don’t embarrass the homeowner by showing before and after photos. And don’t try bully your employees or customers into having their photos on your website if they don’t want to.

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