Writing Your About Us Page

Your about page is not about you, it focuses on the people you help and the problems you solve.

Why should customers choose you?

Use this short section to explain why you are the best placed business to solve your customer’s problem.

Here you could give a few details about yourself. But the primary emphasis is on how your skills and experience put you ahead of your competitors. Your about page should focus on your customers’ problems and how you solve them.

In your header section you gave the reader a good idea of who you are, what you do and who needs your services.

Now you can go into more detail. If you offer one core service, you could use a single column here. If you offer several services, list three or four core services here. Then link to individual pages that go into more detail about each specific service.

Earn your customer’s trust

Can they trust you to do a good job?

There are many ways to prove you’re credible. Such as…

  • Testimonials from past clients.
  • Being recommended, endorsed, approved, or supported by a trustworthy person or business.
  • Listing your qualifications.
  • Listing awards you’ve won.
  • Listing relevant facts, figures, and statistics that support and backup your claims.

Call to action

If your reader reaches the bottom of your page clicking none of the links on that page you need to grab their attention and send them to another page on your website. Otherwise, they might leave your site and never return.

Don’t let them drift away when they get to the end of your web page, add a call to action that links to a page they’ll find useful.

Your footer can also work as a universal call to action. So, make sure your footer includes links and information to keep them on your website. Otherwise, they might go to your competitor’s website or they may go back to Google.

A photo for your about page.

Customers want to know who they’re dealing with. Adding a head and shoulders photo of yourself helps your reader get to know you. Wear your usual business clothes, even if that’s casual. And look straight into the camera. Portray yourself as being friendly, approachable, and professional. If you can afford a professional photo shoot that can be a brilliant investment. If you’re on a budget, ask a friend to take your photo.

You can upload the photo in sections 7 & 8 of this form.

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