Writing Your Contact Us Page

Your contact page needs more than the bare details, but it doesn’t need a lot of information.

First, introduce yourself by showing your head and shoulders photo and one or two paragraphs of text. On previous pages you told the reader who you are, what you do, and who you help. But restate that information here so they’re in no doubt.

Our Process

Next, explain what happens after you receive their enquiry. For instance, you might arrange a face-to-face meeting. Or you might phone them to get more details.

Give them a clear idea of what will happen, over what time frame. And explain how you’ll communicate at each step of the process. You might also want to mention any free quotes and your pricing structure if that’s applicable.

Your Contact Details Are…

Information your customer needs about you.

Some customers prefer to make their initial enquiry via an informal email, and some prefer to phone you.

However, you might know from previous experience that your business gets better leads via phone calls than via email or web form. Decide what contact methods you want to offer and place those contact details at the bottom of the page.

Make sure you include all of your contact details you want your customers to know.

  • Contact details (phone & email).
  • Opening times.
  • Map and directions if necessary.

Your Customer’s Contact Details Are

Information you need from your Customer.

Your web form will ask for the customer’s first name, and email address. Then it will ask them to type a message in the box. If you want more information from your customers, tell me so I can add it to the form.

The more information you ask for, the fewer customers will fill in the form. So only ask for information that you really need.

You might ask your customers for their…

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • And to type their query into a box in your form
  • What other details do you need from your customer?

Write your Testimonials page next